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Fighting Fit And Becoming Buff

Fighting fit and becoming buff

Ayup and welcome back to my website, sorry its been so long! I’ve decided to start writing a weekly blog so I can tell you about what’s happening, and also as a way to interact with you guys a bit more.

This week I began a journey, the destination – a return to peak physical fitness, its going to be a long journey but one that I relish. I am doing this as preparation for a boxing match this summer. I don’t know who I will face yet, but once I do my training will become more specialised, but at this point I’m concentrating on improving my general fitness, stamina and strength.

My training regime is an innovative one, it includes the old faithful’s you would expect such as jogging, push ups, skipping and burpees but it also includes an exercise routine of my own devising, which I call “Dance Fit” where I quite literally dance myself fit.

I plan to make a video to fully demonstrate ‘Dance fit’, I will give you a brief overview of what it involves here: it starts with a series of stretches done to a melodic and uplifting sound track, for this I use a CD compilation of Classical music from the adverts (A Christmas gift from my Gran in 1994). I then move on to a series of vigorous and energetic dances done holding a medicine ball whilst an Amazon playlist of the best of the Black Eyes Peas pumps out of the speakers. I cannot overestimate the importance of finding the right soundtrack for you, and may also be that you need to vary the music, for example when I’m not in the mood for exercise I find playing the Prodigy creates an angry intensity within me that is very motivating.

Fighting fit and becoming buff

I’m enjoying my whole training routine, its is very exciting to get myself fit again, I very much hope I am able to secure a fight so I am able to finally demonstrate my fighting skills in a real situation and prove the haters wrong.

In fact, the whole business has reignited my love of fighting and I plan to release a new self-defence video next week. I’ve also been working on my destruction of KSI video as he was too scared to reply to my ultimatum, and in the next couple of days I will be uploading the first in my new series where I examine, critique and react to terrible adverts.

If you have made it this far then massive thanks for reading! I plan to use this website a lot more going forward, this blog will be a weekly thing and I also want to use it as a way to interact with you guys. Each week I plan to do a video responding to a question or a request to talk about a subject from you guys. This week if you can please submit your questions on the comment section below and I will chose my favourite one to talk about.

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