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Self Defence – 6 Must-see Instructional Videos To Help You Stay Safe

Self defence – 6 must-see instructional videos to help you stay safe

Ever since I began communicating with the world and passing on my lessons and emotions one thing has always been crucial to me, your safety! So here I have put together my definitive self defence collection.

Please ensure you watch these in the correct order, don’t try to run before you can walk! Please also ensure you spend a few minutes practising each new move till you feel comfortable executing it.

Stay Safe!

1 – How to avoid fights

Remember the only fight you are guaranteed to win is the one you don’t have. Combat should be a last resort.

2 – Beans & Salt

Combat from a distance is one way to ensure your safety. Here we explore household items which can literally save your life.

3 – Self defence for weaker people

Not everyone is physically gifted. Here we explore which parts of your body can be used as weapons.

4 – Ground & pound

How to take an enemy down and punish them.

5 – the Karate kick

Moving on to specialist moves. How to execute and defend karate kicks.

6 – Training guide * MUST SEE

This is the complete guide. Mental prep, specially designed exercises and drills. This should be viewed and practiced on a weekly basis.

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